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Friday, October 31, 2008

Who-da-ho? Nawww, it ain't me.

Y'all, less you been in a deep freeze.. or not visitin' us at Humor Bloggers, like I done told you to... you know what today is! Yep. It's the day formerly known as "All Saint's Day". If you didn't git the twitter, it is now gone be known as "CHELLE'S BIRTHDAY!" Chelle is my cyber-gal BFF, and I heart her more than glitter and kittens! Petty Point, where I stay, ain't xactly a friendly place. It's one hell of a town. And most of the real folks 'round here are 'bout as witty and personable as a sack a broken hammers. Except all my clients, a course. But they is generally men.

I reckon that is why Chelle means so much to me. When she found me out in the blog-o-sphere, just a few short months ago, only Won Ton and me read this thang. I reckon you could safely say she done put me on the map and introduced me to the right folks. Chelle is patient with me, and prefers to thank of me as a savant....she kindly leaves oft the idiot part. Awwwww. She is the evil genius who created the world dominatin' force at She also manages to infuriate and revolt people as far away as Greenland at her own blog Chelle is a feisty lil b#tch and I am pleased as punch to have her on my side. She is jist as hot as she is smart, and I'm gone transfer all of ma assets and duble down on her. I done wrote a lil poem in ode on this special day.

Chelle is great.

Chelle is good.

At Humor Bloggers, she's the Dood.

By her hand, we all are read.

Chelle, did I tell you I'm also dead?

So, this post is a toast to you, Chelle! You know I'm gone drank to that. Hope you have a lovely day filled with rainbows, precious moments figurines, clown art (not the sick kind) and bunnies. Love you, Hon. Mean it. I know how you dig all caps and tons of punctuation so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHELLE!!!!!!!! YOU RAWK,SIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Da Old Man said...

That beautiful tribute brought a tear to my eye. I'm going to need a minute...........Wonderful bit of poetry. Chelle will be so happy when she reads it.

AngieSS said...

LOL Eve well, you certainly have a way with words, girlfriend! Hehehe you sure you hadn't had a few toasts for you wrote that thar poem?!!!!

eve cleveland said...

Old Man!!
Hey, how's my Shuga? I'll bet Chelle ain't never gone come out of that bunker you done fixed up for her. That place is the bomb.

eve cleveland said...

This ghost had had a few toasts, but you know that ain't to different that usual..

John J Savo, the Authoring Auctioneer said...

Heil Chelle B!


I've never once been offended by the offended blogger. Should I be offended?

eve cleveland said...

John J...
That does got a nice rang to it, don't it?

eve cleveland said...

Shhhhhh, we don't want to git her all rawled up....write back and say she's a sick monster who should be locked away.

The Humor Bloggers said...

Aww dayum how did I miss this one??? That made me smile, even the you is dead part. I like dead folk just as much as the next girl. ;)

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