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Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Humor Bloggers Blog: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHELLE B. !!

The Humor Bloggers Blog: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHELLE B. !!


Dano MacNamarrah said...

Baby Sister,

So sorry for missing Chelle's birthday. But hey, I'm a bit behind the times anyway. I've voted for you, as EVERYONE SHOULD ! on the Humour Bloggers. But, I've been away for a couple of days. Death in the family, you know?

Poppet, when you asked me to join the Humour Blogger's site, I was a tad confused. Not that it takes me much to be in that state.

I'd love to join, have loved the idea since you suggested, because you woke me uo. But I worry, baby, because I write about mental health issues, the Death Penalty and so on. How would that fit in the Humour Blogger world?

Sweet Pea, think of me. Got to dash now; there's a sale on stretch-pants at the local Jomar. Might be able to pick up some slightly used Christmas gifts.

Dano MacNamarrah said...

Oh sweet pea, I forgot. OH I SO love Won Ton's art-work. Bloody stellar! Kiss yo' baby, coz he's brilliant!

If Mama ain't happy...somebody's gonna get kilt.