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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Great news! There is no need to rush out and get a life, afterall!

Hey, Baby....I'm sorry to keep pesterin' you today. I guess I'm just feelin' a lil down and you always cheer me up. Awww, Honey, nawww, I'm not down about being a single mom with over twenty children. Noooo, It's not my drinking problem . I can quit ant time I want, I've just never wanted to. Well, no I wasn't having a sinkin' spell over my dismal future either. Um,.... no, I didn't have a sense of impending doom until you just brought it up....You know, I feel like I may be coming down with something. It's been pourin' rain here at the trailer all day and I think maybe I should havejust stayed on the fold out......Now, Shug. Don't you go gettin' down too! Come on, I had some fun things I was wanting to share . Did you do like I said and look at the link to Bill's funny Halloween stuff? Really cute, huh? I kid you not, he could sell a boatload of punkins that actually puke. Why just look at how popular baby doll's that really do things are!
I guess I was just a smidge blue, thinking 'bout how maybe I could have done more with my life. You know, lived up to my potential and been a productive member of society. Yeah...I'm a lil lonely too, I guess. Do you ever feel that way, Darlin'? No? Well, iffin you ever do, I have some cures that work almost instantly. Oh, Silly, of course Vodka is the first one, but I got some new tricks for us. Just look at those hilarious punkin pics up top there. Those have been a beacon of hope to me today! Think about it, the people who spent their time creating those have even less of a life than I do. Just when I thought that could not be possible. Take you a gander at that map of some country made up soley out of punkin parts. Now, that took some doin'! See what I mean, Hon? I'm just surfin' funny punkin pics on the web. But some fool out there is actually spending their time crafting these things! Lord, that makes me feel a whole lot better. Least I've still got more sense than to fritter away my time...
Hey, listen, Babe...I'd love to stay and chat but I have to get back on Stumble Upon and take a test to see how good I am at matching different paint chips in their proper order from lightest to darkest. Then , Mighty Mouse is going to tell me what I should change my first name to- after a few diagnostic questions. I'm sorry I am so busy! I promise I'll make some time for you, later. K, Babe? I'll check on you after I stop by Humor Bloggers. Lovin' you and meanin' it...Cheer up, Cupcake. There are tons of people out there who are way bigger losers than I am! When I clear my schedule, I'll surf around and find some more. Wink. Awww, there's that smile!


Bill said...

Glad you found something to cheer you up! But you shouldn't feel like you aren't contributing to society - of course you are!


Well..... um...... so many........

can I get back to you?

eve cleveland said...

Thanks, Bill,
I'll be right with you as soon as I finish this round of Guitar Hero...I ROCK!!!!!!

Deb said...

Hey Eve!

Welcome to Humor Bloggers! Let me know if you run out of vodka - they're makin' it here in Maine now, out of potatoes. This spud's for you!

eve cleveland said...

Bring it on ova girl!

If Mama ain't happy...somebody's gonna get kilt.