That's a pithcer of me and ma twin, Tinsel. Does Pollock on ma shoulder make ma butt look big?

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Drop what y'all are doin' and click on this link!

Baby, you just got to take a fun break at look at what my friend, Bill, has gone and done now....I'm gonna be by back round shortly so we can laugh 'bout it together. There is nothin' I enjoy more hearin' you get tickled. Now, scoot over there and see what I mean. Click on the title to my post or click here if you don't feel like moving that much
There might be a quiz....hahahah!


Bill said...

If y'all come, leave your guns in your trucks, and your whiskey in my cupboard :>)

eve cleveland said...

Okee doke. Pollock wants to bring the meat cleaver-are you down with dat? He's really been practicing!

If Mama ain't happy...somebody's gonna get kilt.