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Friday, October 24, 2008

Read this blog or you must not love the Lawrd.

Hey, Darlin'.....I got to 'pologize fer bein' a lil tough on you yesterdee. I reckon the sheer stress of bein' all thangs to all people just done cold-cocked me. Livin' the life of a modern day prophet sounds real glamorous , I know. Yeah, Shug, it sure nuff does impress folks at reunions and what not. Well, true, it looks good on ma bidness card....... But, trust me, Babe, you better off stayin' the lowly, unimportant mortal that you are. Not that you got much choice there. You have the luxury of vainly toilin' and festerin' your life away, 'till you leave this world not havin' made one iota of difference bein' here.

But, when you got so many possibilities, as I do, it's like bustin' rocks to stay focused on the task set before you. There is so much fer me to accomplish, it can git overwhelmin' at times. That map I put up over yonder, started me to feelin' guilty 'bout them lost souls roamin' round out there in Yankee states I ain't never even thought 'bout till now. My friend, Chat Blanc, I call her Kitty, pointed out to me this mornin' that the map don't show all my readers in Hell! Half my hits come from there! And the comments I git from those folks would tear you up. It's too late fer me to be of much help them now. I did pull some strings and git 'em a water cooler. But it breaks my heart to tell 'em that I can't come git 'em. Even I ain't got that kind of influence.

So, Hon, here's what I decided. I ain't gone qwit bein' a modern day prophet, even though the pay is lousy and it is a tall order most days. But evangalism just don't fit into my schedule right now. I am a single mother with several bidnesses to run and I just can't be fritterin' away my time huntin' down lost souls. So, they gone have to find me. I will be rat here in Petty Point at the Won Ton Estates, which is as close to Hell as I am plannin' on goin'.


L.R.Hawt said...

No luck with the barn yet, huh?

eve cleveland said...

l.r. hawt..
Still workin on it! Most animals have dial up.

Bill said...

People will find you, you just keep doing what you're doing. Sooner or later you'll end up on the front page of every newspaper in the country. For one reason or another. lol

eve cleveland said...

Awww, Bill,
You always know just what to say! I been studyin up on how to adobe photo shop my mug shots...should coome in handy.

Da Old Man said...

When the new edition of the bible comes out, you may be right there. So, you have that going for you.
That's the best part of the prophet bidness.

eve cleveland said...

Old man...
Well, I should say so, He's got me writin' the thang! BTW, He wants to go with a blog this time, thinks its more modern.

Jeff said...

What is the prophet business paying these days? I guess what I'm askin is... is there profit in being a prophet?

eve cleveland said...

It's good to see you up in this trailer! I tell you what, the prophet bidness is straight comish. But, there's no quota n no call reports's kinda up to you. If you are a self starter and good with people, send me your resume. We'll talk.

Trukindog said...

"vainly toilin' and festerin' your life away"

So thats what I been doin all this time! Dang festerin vanity...but whats the toilet got to do with it?

Thanks for droppin in to the Den darlin & I'll be comin back here for more of yer prophitin wisdom.

eve cleveland said...

Don't you go worryin your pretty lil head bout all that too much...just git me another beer, ok, Shug.
I felt real at home in your den, I was raised by wolves for real.

If Mama ain't happy...somebody's gonna get kilt.