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Friday, October 17, 2008

I want YOU to want ME.

Well, look a here what the coon drug in....Lawrd, I didn't mean for you to stay at Ettaroses' Humor Carnival that long. Seems like you were gone a month of Sundays, Darlin'. And I didn't hear pea turkey from you the whole time neither! Not a text, IM, comment, smoke signal, subliminal communication, not even a frickin Twitter. You know you don't do me that way, Shug. I am a combination sinkhole/tarpit topped with quicksand and you cannot leave me alone with myself for any stretch of time.... I can't handle me! You just 'bout turned me mad, I tell you what.... Awww, did you win that big teddy bear for me? He's awful cute....and so are you. Come here, Darlin' got a lil cotton candy on your top lip.

While you were out kickin' up your heels, I'll have you to know that I got another accolade for this here blog. Nawww, Silly, that's an acolyte! I got tagged...sort of an award. At least someone is validatin' me. No, Shug, it ain't got nothin' to do with parkin' garages. This is somethin' real fun from my buddy Hedon over to Highway Hags who received it from Decorina at .

You got to git to readin' all Hedon's shenanigans. Truck drivers got a real refreshing perspective and an opportunity to see a slew of things most of us don't. That blog makes this place look dull. And check out the other blogs linked in that post....good stuff. Guess where Hedon and me hooked up. Ding Ding !! We have a winner! Finally you guessed something right, Shug. Sure enough it was up to Humor Bloggers . I am so blessed.

Now this is how the deal works. I'm supposed to tell y'all 7 thangs y'all didn't know bout me. Well, there ain't much I haven't told you but I been thinkin' and here's what I came up with:

1. I can tie a knot in a cherry stem without takin' it out my mouth.

2. I have ridden' round the luggage conveyor belt in several airports.

3. I can really take a punch.

4. I've come a long, long way...I really, really have.

5. Growin' up, the Catholic Church near my home back in Arizona chose me to be the Virgin Mary for their live Nativity Scene 5 years in a row.

6. They stopped asking me after, Jake, the Dingo I was dating came to see me. You can guess what he did with the Christ Child.

7. I just gave myself a tattoo of a mudflap girl in honor of Hedon. Thanks, Hedon.

And now, to tag the next round of folks...They too will be asked to list 7 things and then pass it on to 7 killer blogs. So, here they are in random order....

Ve's Fantastical Nonsense. Like I told him, any man that owns pawn shops and has gnomes on his banner is my kind of guy. I race over there to add to his gaggle of comments. I've even logged on to him before I've had my Bloody Mary! He is a riot. You'll love him. Ve is on my short list of "Men to marry next". Gnome sayin'? He's on Humor Bloggers but needs to visit us more....he shouldn't be so stingy with his genius.

My friend, Dano, at Mental Motes. No doubt, she is one of the coolest, most interesting people on this lil blue marble (I'm tarred of people sayin' "on the planet" let's make that over now, k?). We are lucky to be livin' at the same time she is . Lemme tell y'all, you will really miss someone awesome if you don't git to know her and start checkin' her out regular like. Heart you, Dano.

Next up is my girl, Terri. I call her Terri 'cause she favors Terri Garr. We met through a mutual friend and just hit it right oft. She cracks me up and I love the way she can give everything a lil twist..she surprises me every time. It was her Birthday this week and we had a blast. And, hey, guess what. Yes! She just joined Humor Bloggers! Go, head, Terri...lovin' you and meanin' it.

Jamie, Humor Blogger and that Hussy of a Housewife whose Suburban can drive over your Mini-Van. Look out because she is always drunk and full of pills. She's had a supa crazy week pinch hittin' for Soccer Mom's Blog. Go see what Jamie is up to and ask her if she got them test results back yet. She is pure D nutball and I mean that in a yummy way....You rawk, Jamiekins! Cute as a ladybug, she is.'re beautiful....and a Humor Blogger. Actually it is Angie who pimped my site..round of applause!!!!! Is she not da bomb? Not only that, she is ninja funny! She will kut you up and you won't know it till you try to walk oft and your leg stays put. Her blog looks righteous and her posts really are deadly. I check it way too much to see if I missed somethin'. Be sure to look at the monkey video. I am indebted to you forever for all your help and..Angie...I still love you, Baby.....

Jeffman. Fellow Humor Blogger. On my short list of "Men to marry next". He is from some country called Jolly old England. I studied a map and I don't see it. He makes me laugh real hard even with the language barrier. Iffin you have a party, you gonna want this dude there. He sleeps a lot though and claims that it is a different time where he lives- wtf? I worry 'bout him a smidge.

John J. Savo. Humor Blogger. Author and Auctioneer. Also one of my future husbands. He has some of the funniest stuff to come from the things he sees in his line of work. But, what made me stumble all over him was his dawg post this week. I will pull that out and laugh out loud for many years to come. I'm sold!

K, I'm bendin' the rules just a bit to squeeze in two more shouts....Hedon, don't Indian give my tag! Chelle B. is the founder and Queen of Humor Bloggers and my cyber BFF. In her spare time she does this lil number and I tell you what..tread lightly. She is armed. Chelle, who loves you?

And a holla to my friend Joe, the grumpiest old geezer to vetch 'bout anything that crawls crost him. He is a coot and a hoot. Plus, he takes me to Denny's for the Early Bird. He has coupons! I have already married Joe once, but I might be up for another round. And yes, he's a Humor Blogger too.

So,that ought to give you somethin' to do this fine Saturday mornin'. Take it easy today, 'cause when I git oft work we are goin' out some place fancy like Applebee's. What you say, Hon?


Thinkinfyou said...

Thanks so much for making me use my brain today.So 7 different things about me and 7 different people to pass it on to...decisions,decisions!!
Thanks Again!!

eve cleveland said...

You're just welcome as rain, Hon...I can't wait to see what u think up!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the tidbits that no one knew about you, but you will have to come up with another one, because I, of course, knew you could take a punch. I got my cast off last week.
Broke Hand Luke

eve cleveland said...

Don't you come back for more, you hear me? I will charge you double next time,sucker!

Bill said...

Eve, you've had a makeover! Or rather, your blog has - and it looks very polished. So who did you sleep with to have it done for you? Tell all. :>)

eve cleveland said...

Well, Bill..
I'm glad you asked...Angie and me..we got a thang goin on...

Dano MacNamarrah said...

Sweetie~You're just too good to me! I've been a little unwell, so I've been away. But I'm back and want to convey my warmest regard and thanks.

I'm going to suck back another bottle of that nice, speedy cough syrup, and see what I can come up with.

When I'm done, I'll pop on back to check out the others that you've tagged. Knowing you, they'll have me pissing my Big Granny Panties!

eve cleveland said...

I missed ya much! You take it easy, my friend. I'm fixin to email ya.
You are loved,

Dano MacNamarrah said...

Eve~I just polished off my last bottle of GI Gin, so I'm feeling kind of calm. So, I've tagged to my heart's content!

I used to love to get customers to try the cherry stem trick when I was a bartender. I could watch their faces contort like they were coming down off meth, and while away the hours.

Ah, the good old days.

Love to you and yours, Dano.

AngieSS said...

Jesu..Eve! You said you wouldn't kiss and tell and here I catch ya jawin' about us to Bill. Sheesh, next thing I know you'll be havin' him animate those pics we took...hehehe

Anyhowser, I really appreciate the shout out. Daaayum, nobody gives the accolades like you do -- you had me LOL all the way through the list!

I'll try to get my 7 things and 7 bloggers up by Monday - k

Take care Sweetie -- luvs u back!

eve cleveland said...

You can't say we never tried...Oh, grl, I'm sawry. Bill blew our cover ;) Don't worry, he won't tell. I 'm cypherin a way for us to git a lil cha ching from it all.

Chica said...

EVE! you must tell us how the luggage conveyor belt was like. I've always wanted to do that. I did this meme earlier, it twas fun. :)

Mommee said...

I'm proud of you about the cherry stem thing. You have always been so talented and a credit to the family. Now here is a gift you may have lurking undiscovered in yourself. Your great grandaddy could wiggle his ears. I admired that so much and wished I could do it. Maybe you can!

eve cleveland said...

Shica, my grl..
It is not as fun as u think it's gonna be. U know how ur luggage looks after a flight? Well, let's just say that it's lucky..
Lovin you,

eve cleveland said...

So encouraged that u sobered up long nuff 2 comment! All the Joons say "Hello, Mommee" and want Iphones for xmas. Heart.

ettarose said...

eve, girl, you are a complete nut job. I adore you. Good choice for the awards and by the way, just so's you know, John J is MINE. I have never licked a computer monitor til I laid eyes on him.

PS Where is your link to get you in my mail?


I read the entire post even though my name wasn't mentioned once.

That should entitle me to some sort of prize, right? Something other than stale cotton candy that you shoved back into the paper cone after getting it stuck in your hair.

eve cleveland said...

You gonna have to mud wrastle me for John J....we can sell tickets! Girl, I am too stoopid to git all them fancy bells and whistles on this here site. I will work on it today and holla at ya in a bit.
Loving you,

eve cleveland said...

Oh ma Gawd! I am so happy you can over....grl. You is funnnnnie! Next time I git an award, I'm givin you one. I heart you. Here, have some kandy korn.

John J Savo, the Authoring Auctioneer. said...

Thanks, baby. I appreciate your love. However, my fiancee may have something to say about me being your future husband. I think you two should fight it out, but only if you promise to rip each other's clothes off. That would be so hot...

eve cleveland said...

John J.
Anything fer you, Darlin'. I've already offered to mud wrestle Ettarose for you. I'm a scrappy lil thang. Can't wait to see your new blog look!

VE said...

Wow, I can tie a knot in conveyer belts without my mouth! We're like the same!!! ha ha ha

eve cleveland said... that I want to see in person!

Jeffman said...

Why thank you most kindly, my fairest lady.

This idea of marriage sounds prefectly dandy. I'm sure you'd make an absolutely capital addition to the wife I've already accrued.

PS. I pray that this tin-foil trophy you're knocking up for me won't clash with my trilby.

Jamie said...

Ok, ok, I have been REALy lazy I am just getting around to your tag!! What a hussy I am! Thanks for the blog rock. Can I come over and we can hang out on your fake grass porches and drink our day away?

If Mama ain't happy...somebody's gonna get kilt.