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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Won Ton Wheel Estate...Vacancy

Well, hey there...How you doing, Babe? Thanks for stopping by. I hate to give you bad news...but our pastoral community here at Won Ton Wheel Estate has been shaken to the core. It's been a sad day for us. Lou Jr. and Bobby had been tight as ticks as long as I can recall. We've had many good times out at the Jello pool. I wish you could have seen Lou, Jr. do a swan dive! At 80 years old he was still poetry in motion. And that Bobby could sure smoke some sausage. He'd often bring a whole package to our weekly pot-luck supper. God, I miss that sausage already.

For years, Bobby had borrowed Lou Jr.'s teeth for various occasions. To my knowledge, Lou Jr. never refused. Hell, it wasn't like he was using them or anything, except on our pot luck supper nights. Even then, he would share them with B.B. He was real good about that. As far as I know, they never had a cross word between them until right before Lou Jr. hauled off and shot Bobby. Sure, Lou Jr. was tanked up on the 40s as usual. But he is normally a real nice drunk. Granted, Bobby was supposed to get the teeth back to him. Well, guess why he was late returning them. Bobby had booked a date with me and that's what he wanted the teeth for. Bobby bought some Efferdent to soak them before he gave them back. Bobby was thoughful like that. I was going to carry them back to Lou, Jr. He had scheduled a late date with me for that evening. Those never took long. Well, Bobby and I ran into overtime ended badly. So, Bobby is dead and Lou Jr. got 20 years. Bobby was a good customer for me and I let him run a tab, my mistake, I know. Plus, now we have lost two damn good tenants. The both of them paid their rent on time for the most part. People like that are hard to find. So, we got ourselves two vacancies here at the park. Pollock and I are fixing to go and get Bobby's trailer cleaned up. Won Ton says he won't replace the carpet, but I am going to scrub it real hard. And then we will pressure wash the walls. I sure wish Lou Jr. could have done this outside. But he is not real thoughful like Bobby was.


Don said...

you've got it down pat. hope you're having fun at G.S. lrh ;)

Anonymous said...

OK, let me get this straight. You were "dating" an 80-year-old and a 37-year-old at the same time?

A Hopeful 70-year-old

Bill said...

Those were the GOOD tenants? Can't wait to hear about the BAD ones! :>)

mommee said...

Did Lou get his teeth back before he went to the pen?

eve cleveland said...

I'm having a good time but there is something missing, ya know?

eve cleveland said...

Dear Anonymous,
Yeah, you sure got that right! If you are interested in booking an engagement with me please call my son at Won Ton's Hot Tomatoes. We are running a senior citizens' special now where the first hit is free. Limited offer,while supplies last.

eve cleveland said...

You have the best ideas! I have been thinking about writing a book on all our bad tenants...jeez. The stories I've got.

eve cleveland said...

Oh, honey. You must not have much of a head for bidness. I'm gonnna tot Lou Jr. his teeth on our next conjugal visit. See that is a win/win and a cha-ching.

rusty said...

Sounds like things up in these here parts.

If Mama ain't happy...somebody's gonna get kilt.