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Friday, September 26, 2008

Debates Are More Fun with Tickled Pink

Well, hey, Shuga-Lump! Glad you could make it today.... I've been missing you. Your Mama and them doing all right? Good, tell her I asked, you hear me? Not many people know this but, there was a good sized debate going on the t.v. last night. It was held at one of my favorite Alma Maters. Oh, Hell to the yes. That would be Ole Miss. Hotty Toddy, Gosh a Mighty.....Lord, those were some of the best days of my....o.k...let's not open that can now..... " Brevity is the soul of wit." Unless you are an Oscar Wilde fan, which I highly doubt, I coined that phrase. Feel free to quote me. I had to decline my invitation to speak at the shin-dig. But since I have Bristol Palin, Levi and Trig living with me I felt obligated to sit there and pretend to watch it.

Don't worry if you didn't catch the debate. It wasn't much to look at. Just between you and me, I regret wasting a whole roll of tin foil on those bunny ears to pick it up. Really, it dredged up memories of my time in the circus. And again with the Red, White and Blue theme. Um, do I speak for myself when I say, "We get it!" Why can't they be a little more creative? It so happened that it fell on the same night as our weekly pot-luck supper here at the Won Ton's Wheel Estate. We damn sure missed us some Bobby and his sausage, least I did.

So, I cooked up a heap of packing peanuts and everybody huddled around our 9 inch televison. It was the dullest party I've ever had. Trying to jack it up a smidge, I decided we would play a variation of the game "Hi, Bob." Every time they said the following words we all had to take a shot of Tickled Pink:
1. Economy
2. Experience
3. Budget
4. Crisis
5. Cheap Trick
6. And
7. The
8. And
9. Uh
10. Is

Well, you can tell I was getting jonsey by the end of that list. But, hey, it worked like a painter on payday! Everbody is still passed out all over the trailer. Thank Baby Jesus that it is Saturday and all my Juniors and Juniorettes can sleep it off. I am fixing to turn the garden hose on the rest of these folks.


Don said...

A lot of tickled pink then huh? The only thing I remember was obama telling lehrer to 'move on' and ' more question.'Arrogant bastard!

eve cleveland said...

I told you that you should have come over here to watch it! You would have a raging headache today, but it would have been worth it!

Bill said...

I'm so impressed that you watched it. Doesn't it scare you to death that one of those two is going to be President?

eve cleveland said...

Well, I do my best to stay informed. You know, I don't scare easy but, yeah, this does spook me a little. It makes me feel guilty for not going ahead and running for office myself.

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