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Monday, September 15, 2008

Won Ton over the limit.

Well, y'all won't believe what's happened now! I twittered you earlier about how I was fixing to have to ground my baby, Won Ton, from the online poker games? (If you are not following me on Twitter then you are soooo out of the loop. Click on that bugger and, hopefully, they'll figure it out for you.) Won Ton begged me and said, "No, Mama, it good money! I on a not cut me off now, Woman." It's no secret that I have a little trouble disciplining that boy. His Godfather, Kid Rock sure doesn't help me much in that department. He spoils that child like raw meat left in a car trunk! But, he's just too damn cute to whip hard enough to matter.

Anyhoo, Won Ton scored a Laundry Service Business and 20G's in this particular round. He beat out some dude by the name of Spider. I'd be willing to bet that Spider's mouth is short a few gold crowns too. I found them in the glovebox of Won Ton's Tonka Nascar. Let me warn y'all here, if you ever play Texas Hold 'Em with my baby-he does not tolerate welchers. He gets all jacked up about that, trust me.

That little toot already called Master Pinhead and got the We Are Better Than You Academy to switch my Junior and Juniorettes uniform cleaning to his account. He says, "Mama, dat bidness dere is worff 3G's a month." As his mother, I worry that he has too much on his plate already. He's just aquired our trailer complex, "Won Ton's Wheel Estates", he's got the chain of Pawn Shop/Plasma Banks, his little matchmaking service, "Won Ton's Tomatoes" and his bail bonding business, "Won Ton's Rive Flee". Won Ton is the author of every fortune cookie message you've read in the past year, he owns 17 Tattoo Parlors too. Plus he's teaching Mandarin Chinese 202 at the University (look at his lesson cute is that?). His chain of Chinese restaruants "Won Ton's Wok n Woll" is about to start selling franchises. He is very, very busy and misses his afternoon nap almost everyday! He's only 18 months old and not even potty trained. How can he manage yet another business? I'm afraid he is spreading himself too thin. He is so driven and such a perfectionist. As soon as he fixes us a pitcher of Bloody Marys we are going to sit down and have a serious chat. Iam going to have to put my foot down here. I'll let you know how it goes.


Bill said...

Hi Eve - think we met briefly during the hurricane on someone's live blogging. You were funny there right off the cuff, and you're sure funny here. But enough about your looks! (I am so going to animate that photo!) Very funny writing, I will be back for more. (I'm also at

Don said...

See you've got that same glowing profile picture of you. On second thought I'm becoming rather attached to it. Hmmm. Kind of like it actually.
Your blog looks different. I was here yesterday, I think, it has changed somehow.

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