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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sleeping with Kid Rock and Kracker gets old!

I'm such a sucker! After our pow wow, I agreed to let Won Ton keep the laundry service bidness he won from Spider in Texas Hold 'Em. But, he promised me that he would work on his potty training and take a nap three times a week. Y'all know parenting is give and take-you've got to pick your battles. I think this is going to work out great because, Bristol Palin and her fiance, Levi, ended up staying here with us too. They can help me take care of Trig, not that that baby is one bit of trouble!

Levi was in need of a job with their little bundle of joy on the way. So, guess what! No. Levi is going to manage the laundry business for us! Because Won Ton is so generous, he is going to let Bristol and Levi live in one of the trailers here at his complex. We normally have no vacancies, but he had to evict EightBall and ShugaBone yesterday. So, you see, things work out for a reason.

More good news! Guess what. Uh-uh. Sarah Palin and I decided that Bristol and Levi should get married out by the Jello pool here. Oh, it is going to be so much fun to plan the wedding. Now ,that is one thing I am damn sure good at. Hell, I've been married what....20 plus times now and they were all so memorable in their own way. My Juniorettes are a smidge envious about all the attention Bristol's getting. I'm sorry, I just refuse to let any of my girls get married before they are 17! I know, at any given time, a few of my daughters are knocked up. I've got 2 or 3 of them expecting now. In our family, we don't bother trying to figure out who the fathers are, unless they wrote a check, and that doesn't narrow it down too much. I'm sorry if you think I am being too tough on them. I am the only mother they have and I want them raised right. Well, as you know, Sarah Palin does not roll that way. She is hell bent on having a big, white wedding for Bristol and Levi. As close as Sarah and I are, we differ in a few matters. It's all right...friends don't have to agree on every little thing. Plus, it will be fun and Sarah is bankrolling this party! We are going to get Dunkin Donuts to cater it. What's sweet is that they have asked me to be the one to perform the ceremony. I had totally forgotten that I am an ordained Greek Orthodox Priest, silly me!

I reckon I'd better scoot for now. Pollock is waiting on me to play Guitar Hero with him. I tell you what, I love that monkey so much. I don't know what I did without him. He's been a true Godsend. This should be pretty exciting because Pollock just beat Kid Rock and Uncle Kracker. Of course, Kid and Kraker are blaming their poor performance on being stove up with bad backs. To tell you the truth, I am getting a little tired of sharing the fold out couch with both of them everynight. They both hog the covers and Kracker gets crumbs everywhere. But, what can you do? Men. I'll holler at y'all later.


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