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Monday, September 15, 2008

Well, hey there, Darlin! How y'all getting along? Tell your Mama and them I asked about 'em. You look mighty nice today. I've got to take a minute to brag about a new friend I made over at Humor Bloggers They are just the nicest bunch of folks you would ever hope to meet, I'm telling you. Check it out soon as you get a minute. They've got funny people crawling over that place like Kudzu. The sweet gal in charge over there, is just as smart as she is funny. Take a peek at her blog . She fixed me up a real pretty banner for my blog-you see it up there in the top left corner? Well, guess what! No. As soon as she slapped that little dude up there at the top of the Humor Bloggers site, my hits more than doubled in just 24 hours. Sure enough. Oh, no, it didn't hurt a bit, Baby. It's not those kind of hits.

All this new fangled computer stuff is tough to grasp, I know! We are going to figure it all out together, just like we always do. Look way down there in the bottom left corner and you will see something called a "hit counter". That's some sort of fancy contraption for telling how many folks are looking at this here blog. It's supa-dupa important imformation. I'm not yet sure why. Anyhoo, I'm just pleased as punch about it all. I'm studying to see how to get that banner on other websites too. Meanwhile, if y'all know anybody who might enjoy visiting with us, please send them. I'll be waiting on 'em. Y'all know I appreciate it.

I've got to scoot for now. Most of the Palin's are fixing to head out. We've had such a good time. I'm going to get back with you in a bit and tell you what that Won Ton of mine has done now.


Don said...

Glad your hits have doubled and you're getting some deserved recognition...keep up the good work eve.

If Mama ain't happy...somebody's gonna get kilt.