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Monday, September 29, 2008

It ain't braggin' if its true.....

Well, look who's here! I've got to hug your neck. Now, get on in this trailor and take a load off.... How you doin' today, Babe? Hey, hang on a just a minute, will you..... "Pollock and Won Ton, y'all cut that Guitar Hero oft and fix us up another pitcher of Rum and Coke. What?.... Yes, you can both have one more if you scoot and let the grown ups talk. Y'all go play with that banana cannon we made during arts and crafts this morning, here's the lighter fluid. And don't slam the screen door on the way out!" O.K. I'm back...where were we? I tell you what, that monkey and my baby are two peas in a pod. They have more fun together. You should have seen 'em busting a can of WD-40 with a hammer earlier, so cute! I reckon I'm going to have to make that an outdoor activity-just look at these drapes, they're toast! Here's your Rum and Coke, Hon. Cheers...

Do what, Darlin? Oh, you mean that gianormous statue there you had to step around to come in the trailer? All right, I'll set it on the curio cabinet after I'm finished gloating, might be a while. That beauty is called the Arte de Pico and comes to me from my man, RedRaider, over at who celebrates his 100th post today! Go see him and tell him I'll be by when it's not quite so crowed over there. He has so many awards that you have to click a special button to see them all. I haven't gone with a man this powerful and infuential since I dated Bubba, Jr. the night manager at the Jitney Jungle.

And now, because I am so thoughtful and giving, I will pass this torch along to five deserving blogs. Yeah, I know those are the rules, but I'd do it anyway because I am a hooker with a heart of gold. I am even going to stretch the boundaries, because I'm flexible, and give it to some sites that are not yet members of Humor Bloggers (gasp). What they are waiting for, I have no idea. Hopefully, y'all can help me recruit them. These blogs are so funny you will stop, drop and roll. Have I ever steered you wrong, Baby? So, here are my top picks in random order:

1. Don Lewis at "It's a Funny Thing" .

2. My soul sista, Tiffany, at "Stuck in the Sticks"

3. A blast from the past, "Lord Likely" at

4.That funny lady at "Reflections on a middle-aged fat woman" at

5. The good folks at Crummy Church Signs at

It is a great honor to present you with this award. I really dig the award thing because I have a gnawing need to be validated. Now, y'all take your trophy and go validate 5 other blogs that you think are a riot. Oh, you know the drill! When you finish with that, come back by and have a rum and come with us. We'll still be here, won't we Babe?


Don said...

Real sweeet...! I like your choices of winners.

TheFLy said...

Good picks. Ill have to start reading them more often. Now, serve me up some of that tasty rum and coke, I could use a drink.

buzz buzz

Anonymous said...

You drink rum and cokes? They make me stand at the top of the stairs and yell at people. Some folks call them Cuba Libres, or in my neck of the woods coober leebers. Whatever you call them, they will liberate you...until, of course, you are incarcerated.

eve cleveland said...

Thanks, Hon...and thanks again for all your help. You are a patient man, but I won't tell anybody!;)

eve cleveland said...

Thanks! Rum and coke comin right up. Will you take me for a ride later?
Buzz buzz..

eve cleveland said...

Where you been, Baby? Ain't heard from you in a while! Come on, let's get you tanked up and laugh at you antics....

Bill said...

Congrats on your new award Eve! Looks swell next to that lava lamp you got going on there.

Love the way you start your posts, always makes me feel so welcome:>)

eve cleveland said...

Hey, Bill,
I been missing you! How you doin? Yeah, my lava lamp goes good with my velvet Elvis painting. It is amazing what gorgeous stuff you can find at garage sales! You come by anytime,Hon. You are always welcome here.

Lord Likely said...

Many thanks indeed for the wondrous award, m'dear!

It shall look wonderful thrusting up proudly from atop my mantle. Huzzah!

If Mama ain't happy...somebody's gonna get kilt.