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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Red, White and You!

Hey, Babe! Glad you are back. Y'all must like my new look because my hit counter sure feels you. Thanks for all the great comments. We love us! I had a nice Gchat with Sarah Palin last night. I've been trying to talk her out of the "red, white and you" theme for Bristol and Levi's wedding. Personally, I think she runs that whole "America" thing into the ground. I said," O.K. we got it, you love this country and our flag and all, just chill, Girl." Usually she listens to me, but not this time. You know how she gets jammed on the God thing too. Jesus, that gets old! She says that it is a sign from God that the dress we got for Bristol is red. Well, you've got to pick your battles, so I am going to go with the patriotic shtick. Kid and Kracker volunteered to do the pool in red, white and clear jello stripes. It is tricky, but they have done it before. All the guests will be asked to wear a red, white or blue swimsuit. I think it's a little over the top, but Sarah is so bossy sometimes. Bristol has asked Jitters to be her Matron of Honor. Now it will be my problem to find a frickin flag bridesmaid's dress for a damn pregnant midget! She is going to look like a fireplug, that little troll....I hate her. I'll holler at y'all in a bit..... Won Ton and Pollock are hooking Trig up to the Bungee Jump again. Gotdammit, how many times do I have to tell them that chord is way too long.....


Don said...

Dammit. Sorry. There goes those little red thingys again. ;)

eve cleveland said...

Well, good. That matches the theme!
Lovin u!

Chat Blanc said...

ahahaha! That crew definitely needs your help! :)

eve cleveland said...

Tell me, Girl! Don't you think fireworks at a wedding are a bit much?

Chica said...

A Pool of jello..and I didn't get an invitation? :/

LOL That WOULD be fun though! :)

eve cleveland said...

Hola, Chica!
Of course you will be invited, silly girl. I just haven't finished filling in the blanks on the invitations yet. They are real classy though. Martha Stewart from K Mart. I"m gettin carpal tunnel though.

dana wyzard said...

Now what could be more American than Martha Stewart/K-mart/ and fireworks....YOU should run for office!!!

And I can read your post!!! Every word!!

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