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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Giddy up, Mama!

"Oh, Won Ton, you've always got your mind on bidness, Honeypot. That is not what Head Master Pinhead here means. Is it, Pinhead?" I asked while I picked up my lil Won Ton and lit a cigarette for him.(That kid had a dirty diaper-AGAIN. How many times have we been over this?) Pinhead replied, " I certainly mean no offense in asking if you are free tonight, Dr. Mama. But I do have a certain item I'd like to discuss with you. Because of your degrees in Urban Planning and your notable studies on traffic pattern flow you are the most qualified person in our community to solve the problem. Would you be available to discuss it over dinner?" Won Ton said, "No dice, Man. We got Salah Parin and her famiry coming to comprex tonight. Kid and Klackel gonna jam fol us out at the poor. We have pranned fol rong time." (What would I do without my Won Ton? We had asked Sarah Palin and her family over long before this V.P. crap came up. I gave her a buzz to see if she wanted to reshedule. She said that since we hadn't gotten together in a while she would make time. That's just how she is.)
"Pinhead," I said,"is this about the car pool line?" Pinhead sheepishly replied,"The Academy would be most grateful if you could design a plan to move traffic through the lines more quickly." Is that all he wanted? I said,, "Hell to the yeah, I'll do it. Shouldn't take me more than a few minutes. Give me those aerial shots and I will have something back to you tomorrow." Pinhead said, "I'd still like to take you to dinner another time." He's really not my type and I was about to head him off at the pass when Won Ton said, "How much rife inulance you got, Tubby?" That kid is always thinking! Pinhead said, "Well, I'm certainly worth more dead than alive." Won Ton put on his cutest face and said, "You might be my new Daddy.Ray off plescliptions for now and dat E.K.G. can wait. We give you carr rater. Got to sprit. I stirr not carr my bookie, Auntie Jitt need lide to Hootels and we got the Spank Bank photo shoot. G.W.U. latel." With that he wacked my a*s and said, "Giddy up, Mama!" and we were off.


Don said...

Sweeet! Nice reads kiddo. Do y'all normally talk like that, or is it due to lack of teeth? Keep it up, and thanks for the add to the blogroll. Glad ya got it figured out.

If Mama ain't happy...somebody's gonna get kilt.