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Sunday, August 17, 2008

thatsfunnybecause: Dear,Eve

thatsfunnybecause: Dear,Eve


Kookie said...

Dear Eve,
Where are you?? You have a great responsibility, but maybe you don't understand that. You cannot post for four or five days and then just take a random day off. There are people who are depending on you. If you are not going to talk to us, then at least post a note explaining the circumstances. Whatever they could possibly be.
I have taken my gloves off. I will not tolerate this treatment.
Your gentle reader,

Anonymous said...

Dear Eve,
Kookie said it. You go and get us hooked like one of the Daddies on meth and cut us off. I am sure you have a good excuse like Jello in your keyboard or just a good hard bender, but please, your readers need you. We depend on your journal so we can say "at least my life's better than Eve's". That and Prozac is keeping me going.


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