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Friday, August 15, 2008

It didn't go well...

Well, I'm back from my job interviews, and they didn't go too well. I'm really crashing now and thinking about doubling my dose today. I got all dolled up to meet the scientist who would pay me to time travel with him. I looked fantastic (see pic). Of course, I ran out of gas-again! Why does that keep happening to me? Thank God these nice fellas in the truck came by, and rescued me (see other pic)! We were late getting there but they hung around outside while I did my interview. The man I talked with was one tough customer, let me tell you. It seems my internship at N.A.S.A. hardly impressed this dude. I gave him a copy of my old MIT thesis on wormholes, but he didn't seem interested. Apparently, my commercial pilot's license wouldn't crossover to time travel, because the air crafts are so different.

To make it worse, guess who was there to interview for the job after me! was Jitters my old bunk mate from the circus days. Obviously, I cannot compete with a dwarf in this arena. Space is a huge issue in time travel, and that little troll is only 3 feet tall. I can only hope that her new implants might give me an edge. She's got all that experience being the human cannon ball! I don't stand a chance. Jitters must have been xanxing, because she didn't seem as jumpy as usual. I doubt I will even get a callback. If I can't get a job in time travel, how will I ever be able to go back to the point where I screwed up my life and fix it? If I can just get back there, it won't take long! I know exactly what I need to do. If you hear of any time travel jobs, please let me know. There aren't many of them and the competition is fierce.
My buddies with the truck were sweet enough to run me by the Hot n Now. Remember, they are the ones with the sign up that says "Now Hiring Losers". I ran in to fill out an app. The manager didn't even sit down with me, he said I just wasn't qualified. Kind of a low point. I don't know if he was talking about the Hot n Now part or the loser part. The boys took me home because I promised to fix them all pancakes. On the way, I saw a sign at the Pink Pony that said "Now Hiring Entertainers-No Audition Necessary" I'll check it out tomorrow-probably straight commission. You and I both know 5:00 gonna come around here early today! Thanks for letting me vent. How was your day? I've got some comments to read and I will get back to you after I finish with the pancakes. I love hearing from you. Luck n Love! Rock Steady.


Anonymous said...

They've got machines in the movie theater lobby where you can practice flying and it won't cost near as much as private lessons, and I swear it feels just like being in the cockpit. I don't know if they have time capsules to work with,but it seems like it would be worth checking out. At MIT you should have written your thesis on black holes instead of worm holes. It would have made you seem more knowledgeable. I'm just saying.
A faithful reader

Seattle Slew said...

Where do I find your advice column? I need various and sundry help. For instance,30 years ago when I was between marriages I tried to meet people like myself at singles groups. The first question anybody asked me was "What's your sign"? Well,I ask you, what does that mean? I always raised my hand in a peace sign (forefinger and middle finger in a V) and replied "Peace!" That seemed like a non-controversial, downright positive and encouraging answer. But people always turned around and walked off. I am presently single again, and people I meet in these groups still ask me the same darned question. My answer is still the same, and I get the same reaction. What sign do they want? What does everybody have against peace?
Signless in Seattle

Anonymous said...

Been thinkin of running oft and changing my name to Brie Ann. Decided to leave 024 and get a real job. I heard the Dairy Queen in Dayton is hiring. I've got lots of "transferable skills" as they are called. They're looking for an Assistant Mgr. Just got little Brittany back from her rehab stay in Burnet. Eddie is doing really well delivering pizzas for Colinas. Once he figured out the GPS in his F150/King Ranch, he started making real good tips. Havin Salmon for dinner tonight. Tomorrow, I'm helping out at the Yellowstone with Sr. Citizens Jello Carving. One more thing to put on my resume. Any good job leads for me? Please keep me in mind. Double Love and all. l8r. g8r.

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