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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Why so......serious?

Baby, I tell you what, no body has got a sense of humor anymore! Remember the days when kids could just roam free and enjoy their childhoods? Well, we are livin' in different times now, Hon. This morning ,while I was teaching my Pole Dancin' class at the Wreck Center, I got an urgent call on my BlooCoof. Guess who it was. No. It was Master Pinhead from We Are Better Than You Academy. I told him again that all my social engagements are booked through Won Ton's Hot Tomatoes- no exceptions. Except for you , Shuga. I do enjoy my free time.

Anyhoo, Pinhead said they had an emergency with one of my Juniors at the school and I need to haul my carcass down there directly. Like any mother, I was alarmed. Grabbbin' a pinch hitter to take over my class, I tore oft for the school. I reckon the faculty is not familiar with proper pole dancin' attire, because I got more gawks than usual. While I was struttin' in I did recruit a few new members to enroll in my class. I have a good feelin' bout that librarian if I can get her to loosen up a bit......

Darlin' I got to stay focused now. Do you know what all the commotion was about? Junior had just wrapped twine around a classmates' face. Now, who hasn't done that? It's all in good fun! Since when is that such a big deal? For God's sake, the boy sat there and let him do it. Course, his head looked like a whadded up road map when I untangled him. It will puff right back out in a few hours. His mama was real upset 'bout! This wimp's parents were both weepin' and gnashin' their teeth. It's easy to see why their son is such a doormat. I told 'em they were lucky that's all he had done. Then, they threatened to press charges. Oh, Hell, to the no. All I need is to have the cops sniffin' round the trailer again. More than half of us got warrants out on us right now. Thinkin' fast, I asked to have a moment alone with Master Pinhead. After a few choice words from me, Pinhead convinced the big wuss's parents not to call the po po. Thank you, Jesus. I am so blessed!

Well, Sweetheart, I gettin' to that....looks like I'm gonna have to cancel our date tonight. You know how I had my heart set on steppin' out to the Monster Truck Pull with you! Just makes me sick to have to bail on such short notice. Instead, I will spend the evenin' doin' Pro Bono work for Pinhead. Hopefully, that won't take long. Then I got to run by the hospital and check on my pinch hitter from the Pole Dancin' class. She suffered a closed head injury and is now in a coma. Not many people know this but, Pole Dancin' is not as easy as it looks, Babe. How bout I text you when I'm done with all that?


Anonymous said...

These last two posts are the best yet.

eve cleveland said...

Well, thanks,'re welcome here any time!

Chica said...

I wanted to read the story.. I really did, but damn I just cannot get over that kiddos face!!! LMAO :D

TheFLy said...

haha. Kids nowadays just dont have fun anymore. If its not in a text message they just wont get it. "what do you mean you want to go outside and play? why cant we just text each other" haha

buzz buzz

Barry said...

That is the kinda kid that you don't even bother to say "don't do that with rubber bands...."


Nice blog you made me smile

eve cleveland said...

Hey u doin'? Its an easy trick to teach your boys. Just get some twine or rubber bands and let them have fun wrappin each other up.
Lovin you,

eve cleveland said...

That is so true and grown ups do it too! We missed you at HB last nite. We figured you were out gettin' hammered.

eve cleveland said...

Well, thanks for stoppin by, Hon. Come on over anytime.

Bill said...

This shuga is glad you are making time for him. Now c'mon, you can tell me - just what exactly did you say to Pinhead? Or.... do? :>)

eve cleveland said...

You know Bill, sometimes you just gotta take one for the team!Thats the kind of mother I am.

Thinkinfyou said...

Ouch that's gotta hurt!!

Anonymous said...

I read your post on HB about blogcatalog so I came here to click on it and can't find it so i have no idea what this is all about.....*gasp*

eve cleveland said...

Don't worry, darlin'. I gone tawlk yew thru it! Thanks for stoppin by!

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