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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Virtually sleeping my way to the top....

I'd like to thank the Academy... Guess what! Yes!!!! Y'all are so damn sharp. I have received my first honor for this blog. As you can see, it's the coveted "Kick Ass Bloggers" award created by the good folks at

It comes to me from my dear friend,trusted advisor and cyber soul mate, Don, the RedRaider, at He tickles me several times a day:) Don has great ideas and that Cast O' Characters is one of them. He also jogged my memory about my having a twin sister. If you are not currently hitting him, I urge you to do so immediately. Just a hint, he likes it rough and dirty (smack ;). Oh, and B.T.W... when he says, "No" he means, "Harder." Don't let that scary avatar of his fool you...he's a super-sized teddy bear (whip).

I picked Don up at Those of you who are sober,hello...anybody? Well, a few of you recall that sweet Chelle B. is the bossgirl over there. She made me that banner last week, remember. She also made up that groovy, little widget with the blogs rolling down there in the left. My hits have increased 10x since I met her. I bruise easily, but I am a whore for the hits, so I don't mind. I look pretty good in purple. Y'all need to come see us over there, we have fun! But step off b#tches, cause that RedRaider's all mine. Love you, mean it!

Now, as per my instructions, I will pass this award to these deserving blogs. The recipients choose 5 blogs each that they want to pass it on too. All of mine happen to be fellow members of HumorBloggers. We are an incestuous bunch over there. But, our inbreeding results in superior hilarity. Become a member and swim in our gene pool. So, here are they are in random order, my pics for the "Kick Ass Blogger" Award. Go rattle all their cages and tell them I said, "You owe Eve money."

Bill, who created that gorgeous animation for me. He's my admirer. Because I am so good looking, my face was easy to work with. Still, he is the most talented animator in the galaxy. Is Canada in our galaxy? I can't wait to see what he will come up with next! Revel in his genius at .

Chica, my sis ,who is as clever as she is creative. I have to wear my Depends when I read her. Go see her website, it is perfection. Psst..I don't want to spoil the surprise, but she is helping me redecorate around here. If you are looking for someone to design you one, look no further. Go drop in on her at .

Skip DeKades who brings us news from the future and it ain't what it used to be. Stop by there and get your cackle on -but be sure to have a few cups of java first- he's light years ahead of us!

Almost as far away and just as gigglish is Hammish over there in some tiny, remote country called "India". If anyone knows where that is please, leave me a comment. I have scoured all my Atlas' and can't find it anywhere. Maybe I should put my Wall-Mart readers on. Check out this dude, don't worry-he types English! I love our chats, Dude.

Plain ole Mike has always got a funny slant on things at The Miker side of Life. Go see what that monkey is up to and tell him Pollock wants a playdate.

So, it is with great pleasure that I humbly accept my first, and probably only, award. I pass the funny torch on to my partners in crime-hey, watch it with that thing! Again, don't forget to give my man a whack at . I'll be checking on y'all later.


Chica said...

Hey Eve, your kick ass yourself, I'm really glad we met up in this big bad internet world. Thanks for the awards, I shall pass them on, but I'll be picky. :D

PlainOleMike said...

Congrats on your award and thank you for passing the honor along to me. My monkey plays nice, so hop on over my way anytime.
Now I guess I better read some blogs so I know who deserves an award too. Damn strings.

Don said...

Nice! ;)

eve cleveland said...

You have such distinctive taste. Can't wait to see who you dredge up!

eve cleveland said...

My Pollock has just about quit slinging sh*t everywhere. Well, for the most part anyway. I will drop him off to play around 5:30am.

eve cleveland said...

Back at you, Babe;) Txt me!

Bill said...

Thanks very much, Eve - I'm honored to accept this award from a lady (figure of speech) who truly does kick ass! No way I deserve to be in the same group as Hammy, but Thank You! And Congrats to my other fellow bloggers.

eve cleveland said...

You are just being modest! I know you have been have a double shot of awards just this week. You know why? Because you rock!

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