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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My luck is changing!

Hey, Punkin! How you doing today? We're all good here. Last night, I cooked up a big batch of packing peanuts-that's all the junior's favorite meal (one thing they can all agree on). It usually fills them up for a while. We got finished with some of the Junior's M.E.N.S.A. applications and were just settling down, when guess who stopped by. No, it was my old buddies, Kid Rock and Uncle Kracker! Kid is Won Ton's Godfather and he is real sweet about spending time with him. He brought him a baby pool and we got some cute pics. We busted into the Wild Turkey and had us a big time. Great news! I bet Kid and Kracker they couldn't beat me on Guitar Hero and won my rent money. They are such suckers-they fall for that every time. I rule Guitar Hero-case closed. While I was beating their pants off, that dude who bought my soul at the garage sale showed up wanting his money back - it was awkward for a minute. Y'all know that money is long gone since I blew it on the pedicure for my best foot. I tried to tell him all sales were final, no refunds. He was sproutin a real attitude, waving his pistol around and hollering. It was fixing to get ugly when Kid came to the stoop to see what all the commotion was about. As luck would have it, this p#ckerhead is a real fan of Kid's and he ended up hanging with us. He ate up most all the packing peanuts, but we dodged a bullet there! He's passed out in the dryer now ,but y'all know it's busted so I'm just going to let him sleep it off. Well, I guess I better try to wake Kracker up and get him out of the bath tub. I'm cooking gumbo tonight and I can't start on it till he gets out. Thanks for all the questions y'all have sent me asking for advice. I'm going to get back with you after I go follow up on a job lead Daddy told me about. They are hiring a chicken herder down at the poultry processing plant and it pays $2.00 an hour- so wish me luck. I'm not getting my hopes up.....
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